just ordered a new XP2000+ pc!

i just ordered my new pc, here's what i got

Avantech Miditower (300W)
AMD Athlon XP2000+ CPU
512 MB DDR
Asus 16X/48X DVD
LG 40X/12x/40x CDRW
80GB Harddrive 7200 RPM
Asus GeForce 4 TI4200 128MB
SMC 10/100 Mbit NIC
Windows XP Home
19" Hansol 920P CRT monitor

hopefully i'll get it sometime next week and hook it up to my buddy's machine for a little UT2003 deathmatch!
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  1. Looks like a nice system overall.

    My one question is, I have seen the Hansol monitors advertised, but does anyone have any experience with them? Are they decent monitors?

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  2. Do you play Unreal 2k3, or Counter Strike??? If soo your my friend now...


    <font color=blue>Just some advice from your friendly neighborhood blue man </font color=blue> :smile:
  3. i play both CS and UT2003, im new to the whole LAN thing though, kind of courious if i can get my friends PC and mine hooked up without to much trouble

    i think it's an ok system too, the parts aren't too expensive and it'll run the games i want to play, it's weird to think about the fact that this system would have cost twice as much less then a year ago.

    (AND IT SUCKS to think about the fact that this system will be worth diddely squat in a year or so from now!)
  4. Assuming long as both computers are capable of playing the game you want to play, you need the following.

    Network interface cards(LAN cards)//hopefully 10/100 or better.
    Same protocols running. (TCP/IP runs better, but some games require IPX)
    Make sure no two network addresses are the same.
    (Will work better if all protocols not in use are disabled)
    Also try to find each other on the network before playing. I've seen people play when they can't find each other on the network, but I've never seen people who can't play when they can see each other on the network. (Assuming of course that they use only the protocol their game uses.)

    If you are trying to network between Win ME and Win 2000/XP, you may have some problems. Can't help you there.

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  5. Will u be my friend? I play cs almost constantly.

    What if you had admin rights to life?
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