How do I format Win XP

I need to get rid of Win XP Pro, and install Win 98.
However XP dosent allow me to do so ......... shld i use partition magic to change it from NTFS to Fat 32 first ?
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  1. I would set the BIOS to boot from the Win98 CD and use FDISK. I usually put the CD in, and when it comes to press F3 to cancel I do to get the A prompt. Then type in C: to get to the C prompt, then FDISK. Then delete the partition, being NTFS, might have to delete none dos. After deleting use the options to check to make sure all partitions have been deleted. Then create a new partition and make it active, assuming you only want one partition. You might want to consider having more then one partition, or dual booting.

    This is a sink or swim description, if you need more help, wait for a walk threw, mean while you can look here. <A HREF="" target="_new">fdisk</A>

    P.S Do you have the full version of Win98, because if it’s an upgrade, that could change things.

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  2. okay ....... guess ive gotta give it a try.
  3. Good luck

    When you feel that reality does not suit you, live a fantasy life.
  4. Why do you wanna do that? W98 is sooo ooold =)
  5. woohoo, found delpart, a windows NT prog that allows me to delete NTFS partitions easily.
  6. Oh yeah, I haven’t used it. I formatted many, many times, but only a few times I had to deal with NTFS. I know sometimes it can be tricky, and if I remember correctly I may have had to reboot a couple times, until I was able to get rid of all my partitions. You could have also converted NTFS to FAT32, which should have made FDISK work easer, if that is the rout your going to take. There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you get the job done.

    As snorklis said why do you want to kill XP anyways?

    When you feel that reality does not suit you, live a fantasy life.
  7. cos XP, cant run some german educational software, anyways the easiest way to get it to work was compatibility mode within XP.

    So with the exception of some really fisher price software, the rest worked out real well.
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