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hi, i have a fujitsu seimens lifebook series e 6624 and it starts up fine except i can not see the screen unless i shine a torch on it. i have tried an external screen with no joy and also tried disconecting the battery for a minute and reconnecting it but still no joy . is there any body that can steer me in the right direction please.
many thanks tony.
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  1. are you saying the external screen doesn't work? but that's a separate issue

    your laptop's LCD backlight is out, need to replace it.

    google for your model dissasembly video or similar and you will be able to do the replacement yourself
  2. yes if i put my pc monitor into the back it does work, but if your saying i need a new light in the back of the laptops screen then i will not need it.
    many thanks for your fast help tony.
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