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I unlocked a XP 1600+ ARNGA core which I got from Newegg. When set to the above default multiplier of 10.5 the system will hang. What is odd is when the multiplier is set to a non decimal pointed value as in 10, 11 or 12 the system won't even boot up. When set to a decimal pointed number as in 10.5, 11.5 the system will boot into windows but anything above a multiplier of 10.5 is unstable regardless of voltage aplied to the core. Also if I raised the FSB to above 140mhz with the default multiplier of 10.5 (1470mhz) the system also becomes unstable. The temperture of core never gets above 36C, the 5 volt reading never gets below 4.8 volts and normally reads around 4.9 to 4.93 with a voltage of 1.76 to core. This is the most underclockable core I've ever seen so far or:

Did I screw up on my unlocking? (Based on odd behavior when multipier is set to whole numbers)
Any suggestions? Please help.

IWILL KK266 (KT133a)
512mb PC133 ram
Thermaltake VOLCANO 7+
PowMax 400w P/S
BIOS for mobo, most recent from IWILL
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  1. Sounds like u might have a coupel bridges touching each other......

    I Have a XP 1600+ Unlocked also......AT FIRST...it wouldnt let me do multipliers of like 11.5...so i re-did the lines...and it worked perfectly stable...i could just switch the multiplier to i believe it was 12.5 for 2000+ speeds but it was unstable so i set it to 12...worked fine....but instead i decided to leave it at 10.5 and raise the FSB to 158MHz....for 1.660GHz....

    anyways...sicme than i un-unlocked my chip...i took the lines off the CPU's L1 Bridges.....and now if i set the multiplier manually to anythign but 10.5...the system hangs....and i gotta poweroff..power back ona nd it resets bios settings to defualt....so my advice or analysis to you is that your L1 unlockign technique didnt work properly....try it again......remember there cant be any resistance on the L1's.....so ur probably not making good contact on ALL the bridges....

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  2. Thanks for the advice, oh well, back to the drawing board. I will retry again.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Well I tried again and ended up with some strange results, as in booting up at 868mhz etc.. LOL. Trying a different multiplier ended up with my machine just not booting no matter what I did. I just got too frustrated and scraped off my works and now I am up again with an locked (not that it was unlock previously) XP. It appears it is beyond my capability at the moment and definitely beyond my patience. I did use a multimeter and all traces where separated. I really don't think the defogger repair kit paint was making good contact with the conductive tabs. Plus I believe I scraped so much that those conductive bridge tabs are virtually gone now anyways, oops. Not to mention any residue superglue which may have been on them. Well AMD lock method was effective against me, my eyesite and non steady hand wasn't good enough to work here. Well if I have to use the FSB method then I will go with Intel next time around and pretty soon since this was a failure.

    Well now I will see how far I can push it with the FSB :smile: .

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  4. Just remember...goign with Intel will not solve ut Multiplier issue...as theres no chance IN HELL to chnage the mult. on an Intel ChIp..and raising the FSB will work just as effectively on an AMD Chip...i have an AXP Chip...and ive got my FSB at 158Mhz......with defualt mult. and voltage.....if u have a KT333 Chipset u will most liekly be able to hit 166MHz FSB as theres a divider for that patio to run the PCI in spec.......try it out =) BTW raising the FSB will give more performance than raising the Multi.

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  5. :frown: Man, this XP 1400 is virtually a non overclocker. The best I can do is 140mhz FSB. When I raise up the voltage it starts to crash quicker :eek: . At 145mhz and 143mhz the system is unstable. My tempertures are less then 40c at full load, I have very good cooling is the bottom line. My 1200mhz T-Birdy I can overclock up to 159mhz FSB in this same mobo with a cpu speed up to about 1470mhz stable. Yes I know that the multiplier is locked on a P4 but I really don't want to go through the hassle on trying to unlock another processor again. This XP even if unlocked would be utterly limited anyways meaning I have a boarder line processor at best. P4's normally have better overclocking ability then an Athlon from the get go. I was hoping to get a speed boost to see me through Christmass, now I believe it is time to upgrade my whole computer to an Intel system due to the better bang for your buck solution that way offers (my opinion).
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  6. Update:

    To many problems running the XP with my KT133a chipset board. Obviously not to compatible, I kept on locking up in NOLF 2 and other games even at the most conservative settings on everything. Popped in my trusty T-Bird 1.2ghz and overclocked to 1.43ghz everything back to normal. Lessons learned:

    1. Test out your XP processor before you try to unlock it. If I did I would have saved myself $52 :frown: .
    2. Research to make sure you mobo can take it, alot of socket A mobo's out there cannot run a XP processor. (Side note, I remember allot of posts complaining about the frequent socket changes that Intel makes on their cpu's, well at least you don't end up trying to stick a cpu in a mobo that can't handle the new cpu.)
    3. Overclocking is not a guarantee, sometimes buying the faster processor like an XP1800 over lets say a XP1600 (only $18 more :redface: ) ensures you at least have a sufficient cpu for your needs plus more likely the overall overclock speed will be higher if overclocked.
    4. Having an non-used XP processor laying around is starting to grat on my nerves.

    Now that I got my stupidness out, time to go back to playing NOLF2 :smile: .

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  7. u know ur XP at defualt apeeds is faster than ur t-bird at 1.43GHz......

    U shouldve baught a CPU with the AOIGA-Y core....the 1600+'s with that core easily OC to 1.8GHz (yes GHz...not 1800+)
    so dont blame AMD...and remember.....P4's have the same risk..not ever chip is very overclockable......quite a few ppl. here will tell u the same thing....

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  8. Yea, I was hoping that I would get an AOIGA-Y core XP chip. Reading the Newegg reviews you would almost swear that would be the case. I would keep the XP in my mobo except I was having to many lock ups with it. I believe my mobo is not compatible with the XP processor, it is a Rev 1.1 IWILL KK266, one of the early ones. So now what do I do with my new XP processor (slightly used and beat up)?
  9. First......Update your bios to the absolute latest version........

    Than try ur AXP Chip again.......if its still not stable...sell it on E-Bay.....

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  10. I may upgrade my mobo to a DDR memory mobo which will be able to use the .13micron thoughbred B cores later when released, I am eying the IWILL KK400 gig. Just use the XP1600 until the prices fall on the XP 2600 and what not. Maybe try to unlock the sucker once again (good God) :eek: . Still the P4's look much more inviting and Ebay is maybe the route to go. I am using the most recent bios for my mobo, it is rather old since IWILL hasn't updated the bios in awhile :frown: . Once again thanks for all your help.
  11. Did some research and found out that the KT133a never officially supported the Athlon XP processor. Seems like AMD changed some of the reset timings which conflicted with the chipset. My particular mobo even though the bios states support never really officially supported the XP processors. Many at the IWILL forums couldn't even get the KK266 to boot with a XP processor in it. So those with KT133a motherboards beware on upgrading to a XP processor, it will probably have problems. That doesn't mean some people didn't have success because some people do.

    Bottom line is that my XP processor is probably just fine and I really don't know if it will overclock or not now. Now should I invest in a DDR AMD mobo or Intel?
  12. AMD will save u money...and thr T-Bred B's r very overclockable...so get a new good DDR AMD Board and stick ur XP in that right now....OC it and see what u can get out of it..than later on get a faster AXP like a 2600, 2700 or 2800+ =)

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  13. Now the question is which chipset will fully support the T-Bred B and the Barton? The Barton would be the way to go if I knew which mobo will support it. Any ideas?

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  14. I would get a N-force 2 based motherboard. The best performing and definately supports the Barton.

    The only thing i know...

    is that i know nothing at all.
  15. hmmmmm, sounds like a winner, now does it support the Radeon 9700pro?
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