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I am at my absolute wits end with my Acer laptop, firstly I managed to break the screen, but that's fine now I see prices of replacement screens have come down quite considerably!
However in the meantime, it won't now boot to Windows (Win 7 OS) at all. All it does is say that windows has failed to load, then it restarts, I press buttons such as F8, F10 etc and whatever I do it does not want to know. I can't choose safe mode, I can't choose system repair, restore to earlier point etc.

I did by pure fluke one night manage to get it to restore back to it's factory settings, which worked for about a week or so , and now nothing works again.

I have taken out the hard drive, connected it to my main PC and that's all fine, so obviously rules out HDD problems.

I even tried entering the bios menu and resetting boot mode to boot from the HDD via USB, it still doesn't want to know.

Is there any other cure for this, or should I just give up and take it to bits and sell it for parts?

Am gutted because this WAS a nice little laptop, and of course this all happened after the year's warranty was up (OF COURSE!!).

Thanks in advance :love:
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  1. diamondgal said:
    I have taken out the hard drive, connected it to my main PC and that's all fine, so obviously rules out HDD problems.

    Hello DG;

    Smart move. You have all your personal files and data backed up them?

    My suggestion is to borrow a Windows 7 DVD installation disk and do a 'fresh install' with formatting the hard disk prior to the installation. The Win7 install process will give you that option in the Advanced mode.

    Once you finish the install you can use your own laptop license and get updates for Win7.

    Hopefully a truly fresh start will bypass what ever road block the OS has on your laptop.
  2. Thanks WR2 :)

    No this all happened before I backed everything up, lost all photo's n vids of my kids n stuff :pfff: I have been trying to use a freeware program that searches through every cluster on the HDD, it found over 36000 files, and then it slowed right down to a virtual stop, in the end was taking days to find a few files, with timescale going up instead of down, after initially searching and finding files fairly quickly! So banging my head against brick wall in all directions here!!

    Also problem with using my laptop licence for re-installing windows, it wore off, stupid me didn't think to write it down elsewhere!! Plus I thought licence could only be used for that particular copy of windows that you have? But is it right what i read somewhere that you can actually find out your licence key online?

    I think if I remember correctly, for some reason it's not recognising the HDD, but like I said HDD is working fine in another machine :heink:
  3. And looking to rescue files while hooked to the other machine had the same problem with messed up filing system? Ouch.
    I don't know any better way to recover files on HDDs when the file tables are scrambled (with taking it one of the expensive data recovery firms) A faster computer and more memory might help the program run better.

    The license is unique. But you can use any copy of windows to do an install and use your own license to activate the install. It would need to be the same version, ie., Home Premium for both.
    Look through the documentation that came with the laptop. Often the license is not just in one place. My laptop had the license number on a card in the box.
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