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I used to have an ABIT Motherboard KT7A along with an Athlon 1.4. I used to run a program called Vcool which would take my Pc's temperature below 40c, at times even down to 33c.

However, ever since I got my new PC which runs on an ASUS motherboard, I can not use Vcool because it's only compatible with Abit motherboards.
My CPU temperature rises to 60 now, at times, even more.
Is there any good software that can help cool down and monitor at the same time just like Vcool used to?

(Sorry i'm posting this in the CPU section of forums, but i wasn't sure if it would fit correctly in the software area either.)

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  1. I used to use a Program called CPU Idle. It works fine on all mobos/cpus but im not sure where I got it. Try typing it into a search engine.

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  2. Thanks for the advice.

    However, I'm looking for a program that monitors at the same time and executes accordingly.
    Ie: If it sees that the temperature is too high, it shuts down. Or something of that sort.

    Does the CPU Idle offer such features?
  3. Motherboard monitor is the best option to control your computer and the most reliable, but right now don't know if it's also a cooler software. Also ASUS monitor software is known to give you unaccurate readings.

    What OS are you using? If I'm not wrong, W2000 and after have the idle function on the same OS, so you don't need software cooling running on your computer.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. I am running on WinXP.
    I've tried CPUcool before and it did drop my PC temperature by approx 10 degrees, however I had to uninstall it because it created some sort of conflict with my USB mouse resulting in system slowing down and hanging.

    Very unusual considering that I am running on an Athlon XP 2000 with 512 ram.

    Is there any other good application? I used to user Motherboard monitor but it does not cool down your system while it is idle. It is however a good way to monitor your system and keep it secure from high temperature accidents.

    Could anyone suggest any other type of CPU cooling utilities that not only cool, but also monitor and offer a security system incase of high temperature rise?
  5. Don't get me wrong, but AFAIK Windows XP has ALREADY this cooling software you ask. The only thing that cooling software do is put your CPU working on "idle process", in other words, doing nothing so don't heat up. This process is executed by your OS when CPU is no needed. I haven't Windows XP, but I'm quite sure if you open the Task Manager and select the process section, you will see that one of those is "idle process". I you are doing nothing, it will consume almost 99% of your CPU time, meaning doing nothing and generating less heat.

    Look for another threads about this subject. Hope this helps.

    DIY: read, buy, test, learn, reward yourself!
  6. Yeah baldurga is right :D . Un4 ... if you live in a hot country such as Cyprus mate , then why not invest in watercooling?:D
  7. Funny you mention it re Mafiosa, alla en pou tin kypro pou ime re :P

    Invest in watercooling? Hmm..
  8. check out WPcredit, its a pretty damn handy program that can enable the HLT command on via mobo's.

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