Screensaver in KDE 3.0

I'm using KDE 3.o on RH 8.0 and I can't seem to get the screen saver working. When I test it in the configuration panel I can see it fine, but when it activates after my specifed idle time, the screen just ges blank rather than showing the screensaver until the monitor goes into powersave. After the specifed time the monitor turns off, but until then all I have is a black/blank screen

Does anyone know what I can do to figure this out? Is it a KDE problem?
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  1. Make sure the Energy Saver (under Power Control) times are longer than the Screen Saver time.

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  2. Thanks

    The power saving features are set longer than the screen saver...namely the screen just goes blank/black before the monitor turn off for energy saving. That was the first thing I checked...actully I noticed this even before I had set up the energy saving settings.

    Any other takes?
  3. BIOS settings being used?

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