cpu burned????

i am not sure if this is the right place to post this topic. anyway, i just put together an AMD system for a friend of mine. here are the specs

amd 1600+ oem with vocano7
abit kg7-raid
128mb crucial ram
32mb radeon
5.1 sblive!
80gb maxtor diamond plus 9
tdk 24x/10x/40x
enlight 7237 series with front usb 300w

alright, here is the problem. i put everything in and double check it with the abit manual book. everything seems ok...but when i turn it on the screen was blank...i can hear the sound of the system running fine...i already check the graphic card and there was no problem with it...so does anyone know wat is going on? is it the cpu that causing the problem? (i already took it off for rma cuz the rma date is expired 10.21.02 which is today)...please give me your valuable opinions guys...thank you very much :smile:

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  1. try resetting the jumper for the cmos. Be sure to follow the manual's instructions for doing this. If still nothing works, get a flashlight and look for any kind of frying on the motherboard or any circuit boards(It's not always black, sometimes whitish). Next, try focusing on the power supply. Make sure it is an amd approved one and at least 250 watts (a lot of psu's are crap). Unhook any drives and leave the atx connector plugged in. If still nothing, try a different power supply. If that doesn't work or if you don't have a different power supply, try something else. Switch to an old vga card (preferably of the same slot type i.e. agp or pci) If that option doesn't work boot the system and hold your finger on the processor heatsink. In the past for me, fried cpu's always generate high temp's really quickly if a computer will still boot with one in it, and these high temp's will make the heatsink almost unbearable to touch. The object of the options I've provided so far is to determine any potential problems around the motherboard before actually accusing the motherboard. If that doesn't work, you're getting closer to blaming the motherboard. Take out the cpu though and check that it is not fried(there will be blackend areas around the chip) or check for chipped edges anywhere on the central inch wide part of the chip (whatever you want to call it: processor core, square thingy, etc.) If you feel confident that the processor is still good. It's probably a motherboard issue and should be replaced or sent in for warranty.

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  2. thank you for you advice...

    I try to smile everyday but I can't... :smile:
  3. No problem, jus tryin' to help. Let me know how it goes.
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