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I decided to overclock my CPU, Pentium III 700MHz (7x100MHz) to 933MHz (133MHz bus). My mobo is the Asus P3V4X so it supports 133MHz FSB + 33 PCI.
These are my questions:
>I have to raise the cpu voltage right? How much (defalt is 1.65V)?
>My temps are 37C idle and 50C on load. Do u think that when I o/c it the temps are going to pass the normal (like 80C)?
>The north bridge (VIA 694X) have a passive HS. Do it needs a fan to o/c?
>Is there any way to unlock P3s SECC2 (slot 1)?
>What is the maximum PCI frequency do u think my PC will be stable?

P3 700MHz/100MHz @ 700MHz/100MHz 1.65V
Asus P3V4X + Arctic silvcer 3 on north bridge
128MB PC133
Boxed cooler + Arctic Silver 3
Mid tower + 2 8x8 FANs + 300W PSU
GF2 GTS 200/333MHz

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  1. don't post in two sections, delete this thread and leave the one in the CPU overclocking section, no, I will not answer your question if you leave this one up, and in fact, no one should

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  2. Sorry man
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