Which XPs overclock the best?

I'm wondering which Athlon XP chips overclock the best. I've heard that the 1900 overclocks better than the higher numbered models (2000 to 2200). But there are 2 versions of 1900s out there. I've heard some people say the AGOGA core (I may have spelled that wrong) doesn't overclock as well as the original. This doesn't sound right, but if it's true, I'd like to know.

Is it better to just go for a 2000 or 2100 over a 1900? The 2200 and 2400 are a bit out of my price range.

Also, I don't plan on unlocking any multipliers, I'll only be increasing the FSB speed.

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  1. The original Athlon XP Palomino's aren't great overclockers, they usually level off at around 1800 or so Mhz if you have good cooling, good ram, a good overclocking motherboard, and a good powe supply. Did I mention you have to have good colling *cough* Swiftech, Alpha, or Thermalright, or watercooling *cough*

    You're best off either going the lowest reasonable Athlon XP, the 1600+ with a good heatsink. That'll net you about 300 or so Mhz, maybe a little more. The better thing to do though would be getting a 2400+, they overclock VERY nicely, from 2.0Ghz to 2.5Ghz on good air cooling. This is under the assumption you already have a good AMD overclocking motherboard. If you're buyin ga brand new system, you're better off getting a Pentium 4 northwood, they overclock far better, although when you compare the two systems overclocked, there won't be an overwhelming difference. It's mostly up to you and your budget.

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
  2. Possibly the best core you can get is the XP1600+ AGOIA Y. some people get about 1800Mhz with decent aircooling.

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  3. Get a XP 1600+ and increase the FSB to 166MHz (333MHz Quad-pumped). Quality PC2700 (333MHz) DDR SDRAM preferably from mushkin or corsair. In this case your FSB and Memory will be running synchroneously, that is, 333MHz FSB and 333MHz memory - minimal performance-killing latency is the result. And remember to lock the PCI/AGP busses - make sure ya get a motherboard with a PCI/AGP lock. If ya haven't already done so read the <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/guides/overclocking/index.html" target="_new">overclocking guide</A>.

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