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I need to replace my PC laptop. I teach at three different schools, travel for training by car, planes and boats (I live in Alaska), do a lot of audio, video and picture editing and curriculum development. I don't mind a heavy computer but I need it to be less than 15 inches wide, over 500 GB hard drive and VERY sturdy. What brand, style, company should I look at?
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  1. For sturdiness you can't go too wrong with some sort of Thinkpad.
  2. Hello, yeah I'd advise to look at Lenovo thinkpads or business class laptops from other resellers. Business class laptops are typically much more sturdier than consumer models
  3. What kind of ruggedness are you looking for?

    That's pretty much as rugged as you can get.

    15.4" widescreen WUXGA LED 1920 x 1200
    n Anti-reflective and anti-glare screen treatments

    Intel® Core™ i5-2540M vPro™ Processor

    Video controllers
    – ATI Radeon™ HD6750M (512MB dedicated VRAM)4
    – Intel® QM67 (max. 1915MB shared VRAM with 32-bit)4

    Might be on the expensive side - but rugged notebooks do come with that "ruggedness" premium.
  4. The Panasonic ruggedness is really branded laptop that is responsible to what a person looking for as they are assigned in such a way that the ruggedness responsible to make the necessary required in much better way especially -
    The features include-
    Fast processing ability
    Now in future they will wireless charged, through solar power
    Even they support any working environment like cold, hot and rainy season Without being effected by the rains.
    They provide industry a unique facility like easy working environment in the sunlight or even in the darkness. For more rugged features why not enjoy the Panasonic tough books through Roamingtech in Australia.
  5. For sturdiness you can't go too wrong with some sort of Thinkpad.
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