Keypad in compaq laptop shift key is always in press mode complete

In my compaq laptop shift key is always in press mode - everything gets selected from starting point. Pl. suggest how to solve this.
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  1. Hello cvyas;

    Sounds like a keyboard failure.
    You could try a USB plug in external keyboard.
    A full solution might be replacing the laptop keyboard.
  2. Ok, Im guessing you've already checked to make sure the shift key is not physically stuck?
  3. IT also started giving problems in no. keys, getting symbols only. also was not able press . key. I pressed alt+fn+windows key and that solved my problem - got this solution from some website. I would like to understand what happens when all the three keys are pressed together - as I tried this as it was specified in the website.
  4. Finally, this problem get solved with removal of temparory fies from Windows --> temp folder. Whenever I get the problem, I remove this and it solves my problm.
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