Acer Aspire One 722 Netbook - RAM and 64bit

Has someone owned Acer Aspire One 722 Netbook here? I have few queries on this product.

1) On the shopping website it shows default with 2GB RAM. Can I upgrade this to 4GB RAM in future?

2) Is this a 64-bit hardware? I can install 64-bit Windows 7 on it.
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    Yes, i have one now.

    Yes, you can upgradd to 4gb, but it has to be in a single 4gb chip (replacing the 2gb chip) as only one slot is usable.

    Yes, it is 64-bit capable.
  2. I should note this applies to aspire one ao722-bz454 models, as thats what i have.
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  4. Thanks man. I installed 64-bit OS on it now. Just looking out for RAM Upgrade next.... (from 2GB to 4GB)
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