Asus G51VX CMOS Battery Replacement

I have an Asus G51VX laptop I'm repairing. The date and time will not hold with the accompanying results.
After searching 8 Gazillion web pages, I still can't find the details on how to locate and change the CMOS Battery.
So I came to the experts.

Any help?
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  1. well I don't have a G51 but if you've taken the laptop apart, would it be possible for you to take a pic of it and post it?
  2. I found this but while it shows you 99% os serviceing, there is one thing missing.

    The CMOS battery.
    I finally got the bottom of the case off but I don't see the Battery.

  3. The CMOS battery is on the top side of the motherboard, so you can't see it if you just open up the bottom cover of the laptop. I don't think you can access the top side of the motherboard by just removing the keyboard and a couple other things too. It's a project because the motherboard may need to come out, or highly disassembled from the top to get to the battery. Luckily by G50VT (same chassis as the G50V, G51J, G51VX) to this day still holds the BIOS data. But probably within a few years that little lithium battery will give out..
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