Why no Dual DDR on hammer die?

According to nVidia, single memory controller Athlon chipset's will be gasping for air when games fully utilizing 8x AGP's 2GB/s bandwidth appear. That is, nVidia claims that the extra bandwidth provided by Dual DDR (6.4GB/s max for nForce2) not only benefits the IGP (integrated graphics processor) but also games that fully utilize the final AGP specification. Anyone have thoughts on this. If what they say is true, why doesn't hammer have dual DDR memory controllers integrated into it's die?

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  1. When do you think such games will appear? We're hardly even feeling the limits of AGP4x at the moment. Most high-performance video cards just get by with lots of onboard high-performance memory, because even AGP8x would be too slow anyways for handling textures in real-time.

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  2. Dual DDR is for Opteron Sledghammers.

    Claw will deal with 2.7GB/sec of bandwidth.

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  3. Claw will deal with 2.7GB/sec of bandwidth.

    That a big reason why clawhammer wont be much faster that Barton.

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  4. It definitly isn't a big one if the on-die provides well over 20% IPC. Currently, Opteron Sledge is 60% better per clock over Palomino-based core design AthlonXPs, therefore even half that is powerful for a ClawHammer IPC.

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