How to ad a firewire to a Laptop with usb

hello, I need help on a Firewire port to my Hp G.7-1150us Laptop
is there a way to Do firewire to usb adapter box or cable
for it?
I plan to do Audio recording with it for the
interface to work at 400 or 800 speed for the Fire wire
so the audio interface can work on the Laptop
that I have.
and Run digisign protools 9 recording softwear
for my Music and gain it for Video as well.?

Thank you for all the help
Hp didnt put a MCIA slot so it could be done on it that way,Bummer.

thank you
for the Help

in Baton rouge,La :)
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  1. There is not a single USB to Firewire adapter to be had that I could find.

    Even if there was, it would not work to run at speeds higher than USB2.
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