Processor not showing its proper MHZ speed

My girlfriend owns a Presario 700 with a 1ghz processor and 256 megs of SDRAM. Until today the clock speed showed 996mhz and 256 megs of ram under the control panel and in system properties. Now it fluctuates between 697mhz and 498mhz, and the ram stays a constant 240 megs.

I don't know what's wrong with it. I have been on the phone with the compaq tech support twice today and have gone through a number of what they consider fixes =/, He had me clear the cmos by taking the battery out and unplug the ac adapter. Had me change all the power settings to never turn off and then eventually told me that it was normal for the speed to change. I told him that the CP system applet is not a real time system monitor and he said he would call me back in 3 or 4 hours.

Any ideas what is wrong???
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  1. I would download sisoft sandra (free) and test your memory and cpu performance. Cpuid is also a free download that will confirm the changes.
  2. I'm no electrician but it sounds like your power supply or voltage regulators might have something to do here.
    Perhaps the lack of voltage supply is causing lots of lost clocks, or underclocked speeds.
    What PSU do you have, and can you try and switch for another one?
    Also use Motherboard Monitor 5, it checks all your system's voltage meters and clocks.

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  3. I bet those missing Mhz are loose inside the laptop case somewhere. you might want to open the case and shake it vigorously till they fall out.

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  4. Many motherboards have a "SPEED SPECTRUM" option in the bios. This varys the clock speed to reduce EMI outputs.
    Dissable this and you should get a constant cpu speed.

    The ram could be a dirty socket or loose memory socket. Could also be a bad stick of ram.

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  5. LoL....ur kidding me right?

    This is a laptop is it not?? Based on a P3 1GHz chip correct???

    So your telling me YOU and everyone that has posted here so far (whith the exception to FUGGER it looks like as he used some funny sarcasm) AND the guys at Compaq have never heard of Intel Speed Step Technology?? It reduces Clock speed depending on application usage and battery level and what the preferences u have set in the program applet instaleld for it......WHILE plugged into the AC outlet it SHOULD run at full clock speed...but if its not, than u have the preferences set to "throttle down" for whatever reasons u set....minimize power usage and heat output most likely..?

    Look for a Intel SpeedStep icon on your system try or in Control Panel....check the settings....

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  6. I could've sworn he had a desktop PC, but I was suspecting a notebook. In that case it does surprise me none has even heard about the natural throttling, lol. I would've easily suggested that had he explicitly pointed out it was a notebook! (but then again an AC adapter, who uses that on Desktops!)

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  7. IIRC speedstep will reduce the multiple not the FSB, so large reduction in speed each step.

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  8. Dear Fugger.
    One thing I have learned about yuo is that you have no sense of humor.

    Please try not to be funny. PLEASE!
    It just makes you look more stupid then you are.

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    If I waned any crap out of you I would squeeze your head.

    Try and stay on topic, if you have a problem with what I post, I suggest you drop me a PM. Not some lame attempt to start a flame with me over such petty crap.

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    Too funny Fugger. Way too funny :lol:

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