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Well today I went to best buys and checked out the z560 and klipsch 4.1 and they both sounded great. But is it me or the z560 have too much bass. They drown the music...... or is it because of the crappy sound card that they are using? I'm very confused now and i'm unsure what to buy. I can get the z560(new) for $156 or the klipsch 4.1(refurbished w/90 days warranty) for $175. Should I be worried that its refurbished? If it were you, what would you choose?
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  1. well you more or less answered your own question. The 560's sounded great but had a little too much bass. Refurbs can be a risk, but more electronics that fail, fail early in their lives so 90 days is a decent window. I don't believe in them, but I know BB offers extended warranties. You could always get that for a little piece of mind.

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  2. What kind of CPU does Klipsch make?
    Is it Unix compatible?
  3. Hey dont try to be funny :)
    I'm in the cpu forums because no one checks out the sound forums.
  4. Thats wierd, everytime I go to the speaker section at BB, they speakers don't work.

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  5. LOL did you try pushing the little red buttons in the front of the speakers to get them to work? :)

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  6. Look pal, if THEY couldn't figure it out, then why would HE be able to figure it out, they ARE professionals! :smile:

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  7. You probably can adjust the speaker's bass output.

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