HP Laptop Black screen - help???

Hi I have a hp G70 that is baffling me - on boot up the hard drive kicks in for a few seconds the CPU fan is running at a normal speed, the backlight of the screen is lit but is just black, I can't find any way to diagnose what the issue is and what is wrong with it, my first thought was the harddrive but with it not even showing the bios that makes me think otherwise, I have tried to connect it to an external monitor but it seems to have no output at all.

Has anyone got any ideas please cause I'm stuck on this one :sweat:
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  1. Did you hit the function key to switch the output to the external monitor?
  2. Your description sound most like failure to POST.

    You can try booting from a LiveCD.
    If it runs, you have a hard disk or operating system problem
    If it doesn't run you have a hardware issue.
  3. Ubuntu Desktop
    You can download the .iso and burn it to a CD or make a bootable USB thumb drive.

    Use F12 to get the advanced boot menu.
    If you're using the CD, use the Try It option, not the install option.
  4. thak you for the quick responses I am going to try the iso it just seems strange that there is no diagnostic part of the system making bios access possible.

    If hardware failure what could be wrong? maybe the inverter - just a stab in the dark but the cpu seems to be functioning....

    As for the output I have tried with a RGB cable but I'll need to get a hdmi in the morning.
  5. If the POST (power on self test) fails there isn't any BIOS loading taking place.
    Have you had the case open lately? Added RAM or any hardware?
  6. No I have been tasked with making it work but will check inside to make sure all is present and correct
  7. Hi - I have tried everything!!!! :fou:

    I took it completley to pieces and visually checked the internals. I found a bare wire on the wifi ariel lead 2 which threaded just next to the fan on the internal casing. other than that all was fine other than very dusty cleaned and cable was insulated.

    Replaced the dvd drive - no joy

    Replaced the RAM - no joy

    Took battery out - no joy

    tried external monitor - no output

    Ran hard reset - no joy

    Tried running bootable discs - no joy

    Ran usb bootable - no joy

    All in all no joy - ran out of options.

    I researched more on net with no joy - HP Website (seems to be a common problem) but found that HP motherboards do not cope very well at alll with hibernation and can fail, and do constantly fail. The story goes that HP extended the warranty of the motherboards by a year due to so many issues but checked the serial on the site and its 16 months over warranty.

    If anyone can shed any light on this and point out something I have missed then please let me know


  8. What graphics card does the machine have? HP extended the warranty of many machines because of the soldering fissure issue present in graphics card surface-mount chips. You can heat up the GPU with a heat gun and it will remelt the solder and probably get the machine working again, but it's a temporary fix; the cracks will happen again. You can get a new board, though.
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