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The best laptop for architecture

I'm an architecture junior and I use AutoCad, Rhino, 3DMax, Googe Sketchup, Revit and other rendering programs and my Dell VOSTRO laptop always crashes. It's 4.0GB RAM and 32-bit operating system. What's the best thing i can buy for my next semesters?
P.S. I don't function well with Apple Products
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    Go for an Core i7 with a 64Bit OS and 8GB of RAM.
    That ought to do the trick, plus check to see if they have a real onboard GPU, do not go for a low end laptop, with the programs you use a good sturdy Laptop ought to do the trick, ample RAM and a good GPU will be required.
  2. Do you raytrace render on the laptop or just use the preview window?
    if you raytrace, core i7. if you don't core i5 will be just fine (as the load is on the GPU).

    Pick a brand you like, a product you think sounds right (8+GB RAM/64bit OS) and post a link here. We then can see if you it has a REAL GPU, not some CPU/mobo trickery.
  3. Vostro 3750 if you want to try your luck with Vostro again. Its a good laptop with 17' screen
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