Need Aiwa Replacement Speakers

Hi everyone. I have an old Aiwa bookshelf system and the front right speaker is making a buzzing noise when I listen to it at high volume.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy a replacement. The model number on the speaker is SX-NA902. It is six ohms. The system I use it with is a CX-NMT920.

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  1. It might just be your cables/wires connected to your amp and
    your speakers. Did you try replacing patch cables and/or
    speaker wire?

    I find that most buzzing sounds come from bad cables/wires/connections.

    If you are looking speakers and or driver replacements, that might be expensive for a cheap/old bookshelf system.
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    It might be cheaper and and better sound just,go to your local used Stereo Store and get a inexpensive reciever and two speakers.

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  2. Aiwa Sucks
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