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Hi folks,

So I have a powerful desktop PC for playing the latest and greatest games, but I'm specifically looking for a reliable lappy to play WoW / diablo 3, possibley the new SW mmo, when I'm away from home.

I'm not too picky about playing max settings, medium would do fine, no AA is required, a resolution of about 1440 x 900 or there abouts would be super, 15.4" or 17", nothing bigger than 17".

Any recommendations? Advice greatly appreciated, I know very little about the current portal pc scene.


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  1. first thing got a budget range?

    15.6" is about main range where you get most of the options. 17.3" is about as big as you can get. Only a hand full here. If you want 17.3" you are going to be paying a few hundred dollar more for the screen.
  2. Hi,

    15.6" would do just fine, I'm actually in Ireland so prices would be in Euro, but just the cheapest laptop to fulfill my needs basically, 500 euro would be ideal.
  3. well 500 euro will put you somewhere in 750USD range.

    In that range the options are as follows:
    llano laptop - preferably A8 if it fits your budget, it should play SC2 with no problem and give you great battery life

    next runner up if you think llano GPU will not be enough is i5 with a GT540M or equivalent range on ati gpu

    if you pick anything better it'll be out of your price range
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