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Hi everyone,

A relative of mine asked me to help him transferring files from a Windows XP laptop
and iPad and viceversa.
The problem is that the iPad is given by the company where he works and so it's also sync from another computer at work office.
Now,i'd like to ask you how can i safe transfer data from pc to iPad without erasing the data that the iPad already contains.
Basically my fear is that during the sync from another computer (library) with itunes,it will replace the entire library (like happen with iPod).

So,how can i add files to iPad from a computer that is not the one which is sync with?

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  1. I believe there is a way to turn off auto syncing. This link should show you how to make it so iTunes wont try and sync everything when you plug it into a computer. Then you can manually browse files and transfer them at your leisure.
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