Audio Problem.

Hey all,
Ok, I downloaded a Divx Video a long time ago. I remember playing this video and hearing the sound fine. Now, however, when playing the video back the sound is...stuttery..for lack of a better word.
I tried the video under Windows media Player (Both the older 6.4 as well as version 8 ) and the Divx Player. Same results. Video plays fine, audio is messed up.
I try loading it into Virtual Dub and TMPGEnc. TMPGEnc gives me no video and no audio and what's more I get an error about an illegal stream when trying to load it.
Virtual Dub gives me no Video but gives the same audio troubles. Here's the Audio Stream information Virtual Dub gives:

Sampling Rate: 8000Hz
Channels: 1 (Mono)
Sample precision: 4-bit
Compression: Microsoft ADPCM CODEC
Preload Skew: 0 samples (0.00s)

As for the video information I see that the Decompressor is listed as Pinnacle Systems MPEG Codec but this is not what shows up using file properties when playing it in Windows Media Player.

Under Windows Media Player 6.4 the Filters in use are:

Default DirectSound Device
DivX Decoder Filter
VIdeo Renderer

Under Filter Properties for the DirectSound Device I get:

wFormatTag: 1
nChannels: 1
nSamplesPerSec: 8000
nAvgBytesPerSec: 16000
nBlockAlign: 2
Rate: 1.00

Under Windows Media Player 8 the Audio Codec is listed as Unknown.

Any help on this would be appreciated. I'm guessing that the video trouble I get with Virtual Dub is because of that Filter. I may need to remove it if I plan to do anything with this file but I'm more concerned right now with the audio.

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  1. What are your system specs? That is usally a cause from a slow hard drive (5200RPM) and/or a slow processor and not enough RAM.

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  2. Oops. Sorry. I forgot my signature here didn't have the link. I think it does now. For my system configuration.

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  3. alright well it's not your hard drive. I doubt it is your cpu. You have enough RAM. You do have slower RAM PC133, but i don't think that would be anything.

    I'm gonna guess bad recording then. Have you tried any other video to see if it works fine?

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  4. This would have been my thought too except that I remember some time in the past that I was able to play this file and get the audio playing just fine.

    I tried playing this on another computer which had like no codecs installed. Not surprisingly it didn't play the video portion and the audio did the same thing there as here.

    This leads me to think that perhaps it's just because I don't have the proper audio codec installed and it's having to use the default one which doesn't do the job right. But I have no clue as to how to find out the codec it really uses. I loaded it in Virtual Dub and you saw what it said there. That's about all I know to do :(

    All other videos I play work just fine.

    P.S. My system used to be state of the art....around 2 years ago hehe now I've fallen way behind but just wait till I have money again MUHHAHHAAH.

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  5. lol! ya hey your system is still pretty good. The only thing you need is a new motherboard, ram, and cpu. Possibly a new power supply too.

    your cocdecs could be currupted. I think reinstalling the OS would definitly fix it. Reinstalling the codec i don't know. You'll have to find out what audio codec it uses and reinstall it.

    good luck!

    oh hey is there any noticable difference with a SCSI hard drive? Perhaps use it just for the operating system to reside on. Have you noticed any difference in performance?

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  6. On the SCSI RAID I put all of my OS stuff, Programs and Games. The only thing I put on the IDE RAID was data. I don't have those in RAID config any more but when I was using both they were very comparable in speed to be honest. The SCSI did result in more speed just that the price difference at the time made the speed difference not really worth it IMO.

    But yeah when I do upgrade I'm going back to dual CPU motherboard and will be replacing motherboard, memory, cpu as well as graphics card.

    As for the re-installing the OS I'd like to avoid that if possible. Also, I get this same audio problem on another machine which doesn't have the codecs installed that I do here. And finding out the audio codec it uses...that's what I've tried but can't figure out a good way to do this.

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