Acer laptop screen dark outside help

i want to use my laptop ouside but the screen goes dark and i can;t see it. There is no switch to lighten the screen can anyone help??
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  1. Hello marleybear;

    Does the screen actually go dark?
    Or is the screen the same as inside - but you just can't read it outside?

    Why didn't you list the model of your Acer laptop?
  2. Sorr its a Aspire 3680 it does go dark when I go outside but even inside it is dark and I would like to lighten it up a little bit.
  3. It's brighter when plugged in to the AC power and darker when running on the battery?

    Can you adjust the screen brightness with the Fn+ Rt arrow key?
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  4. Oh my gosh WR2 thank you so much wow that is unreal you have made me very happy :) :bounce: Have a great weekend.
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