AMD Locking up(Should've got P4)

HI Everyone,
I just got a AMD 2100 XP cpu to replace my current 1200 AMD and also put in 400 watt power supply and now when I boot up it will lock up at the memory test area.
I have tried different memory and the ECS board will take up to 2100 cpu. When I put 1200 cpu back in runs fine. Could chip be bad or is bios wrong? Please HELP! Thanks Dave
P.S. It is a ECS K7S5A board and I have 512 megs of cheap ram.
I have a 400 watt power supply.

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  1. I would try your old power supply first. It worked fine with your old cpu. The ecs board can be picky about the ps. If your new power supply is a cheaper brand, it may actually perform worse than the old one. Wattage ratings mean little. If that doesn't work, I would get a replacement board. I've had good luck with the via kt266a chipset, but the kt333 or 400 is recommended now.
  2. AMD Locking up(Should of got P4).
    A fine title, again. AMD locking up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you stupid or both?
  3. Well that was just rude.


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  4. What motherboard, what memory, what brand of PSU, what everything???

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  5. ya maybe you can still take it back and get a p4.

    I switched from AMD to p4 and what a difference!!! I have not had a single problem with my computer period. It's been on strait for 3 months. well with a shutdown and reboot sometimes because i installed a program or removed a program.

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  6. Quote:
    AMD Locking up(Should of got P4).
    A fine title, again. AMD locking up!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you stupid or both?

    What the hell was that?

    Why don’t you give help to people instead of rubbish? Or maybe you just don’t understand about his problem… so who’s the stupid?

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  7. As dhlucke said, please give us more info about your system:
    How did you install the new CPU?
    What RAM are you using?
    Did you clear the CMOS after the CPU installation?

    And, of course, the list of you hardware

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  8. If the board is an ECS K7S5A, this will further prove my argument about them having trouble running higher clock speeds over 1.4GHZ Athlons.
    This isn't an AMD fault.

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