P4 1.8 overclocking, strange issue

I had this nw 1.8 @ 2.4 running rock solid on a Asus p4B533 MB with PC3000 corsair RAM. The processor was running at the default voltage. I decided to move the proc to TH7II with the latest bios and here is what I found. To have absolute stability I needed to increase the voltage to1.65 in the bios. MBM shows the voltage to be 1.57 and the idle temp is 38F with a case temp of 32F. My stability test was with prime95 and anything short is not acceptable. My PS is an Enermax whishper 430W. Now the question is why the same processor needs different setting on different mother boards? Am I risking any danger here?
Suggestions please.

p.s. btw the voltage tends to drop to 1.52 while primw95 is running. May be I am taxing the PS?, cause I have 3 10000 RPM SCSI drive there along with 2 X 7200 IDE drive, a SCSI CD Burner, a SCSI DVD drive, SB Audigy Platinum and 1GB PC800 RDRAM, ATI AIW Radeon 7200, a Second SCSI Card.

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  1. No problems with your cpu. Mine requires more voltage for overclocking, but I think you're fine up to 1.65 volts. I've noticed that mine will run less stable at a lower voltage, but temps may actually be a bit higher. I have the 1.8a, and have tried it on three different mobos. On a via p4x266a, it runs stable at 2.0 and 1.6 volts. On an abit bd-7, it ran at about 1.94 at the same voltage. On the asus p4s533, it requires 1.625 volts to run at 2.4 (asus probe shows 1.6-1.664). I used an enlight 300w ps for all three.
  2. Hmmm. Just curious what is up with the variations? So you think the temps are ok with that voltage?
  3. Any one else.
  4. Wow, you had different experiences then me. My 1.8A is in an ASUS P4S533 @ 2609MHz (145 x 18) with default voltage of 1.5. PCProbe shows 1.51-1.54, drops to 1.49 under heavy load, always rock solid stable, zero crashes in over two months.

    Got a 300W PSU, no idea what brand, doesn't say on it, but it came with my case. Case is from some brand "Sabadda" (spelling might be wrong) that i'd never heard of, i bought it because it was fairly cheap, had a nice window and was sturdy.

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