cooling and overclocking... confusion

hi all..
I have been reading on the net that this wonderfull, yet darn expensive bit of kit is avaiable..

The Asetek Vapochill Vapor Phase Cooling System

now, im sure so many people are more in tune with their pcs than i am, so, i was wondering what people thought of this..
the review link is

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

please could people tell me what they think of this, as i would really like to know.
i would like to upgrade my system to a p4 2.53ghz c1 etc etc and i would really like to know whats the best way to cool it etc.. i know this is a bit over the top, but what do people think about it?
or would it be best in a amd setup?

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  1. IMO, you only need something like that rig if you want to do some EXTREME OCing. Otherwise, a good HSF should be enough.

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  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">Promethia is better</A>

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  3. Start by getting the P4 and overclock it with just a decent hsf (doesn't have to be top of the line). You'll be pleasantly surprised. Then ask yourself how much its worth to you to get a few/several hundred more mhz using something like in your link.

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  4. well thats what i was thinking for the cost of it and all.. it was rather expensive and i could have my intel setup for that cost alone!! and i wasnt all that impressed when it came to how much they overclocked the cpu.. some guys on the madonion site are upto 4ghz!
    so therefore....
    when would be best to start thinking about upgrading to the p4 cpu? could you let me know whats best from this site please?

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    its where i get my hardware from mainly, but if theres nothing there thats any good, let me know and i will try and find a few other sites so that i can see whats best to get.
    im told the following

    pc3500 ddr memory (but would rambus be better?)
    c1 intel 4 @ (least) 2.53ghz (to get the c1 type cpu)
    ABit IT7 MAX - but the three below where also recommended to me..

    Best performance: Asus P4T533-C
    Best features/performance: Gigabyte GA-8IHXP
    Best DDR performance: Gigabyte GA-8SG667

    Highest overclockability: Aopen

    i have no idea on intel motherboards, so if there is something from that site that is worth getting, please let me know!! also, what fan would i need for it?
    anyway, thanks for the tips!!

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  5. How did you come to the conclusion that the Aopen is best overclocker?

    IT7 MAX2 all the way (If you plan on having any chance of breaking 3Ghz with stability)

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    Forgot to add: My current top end <A HREF="" target="_new">3.55Ghz</A><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by FUGGER on 11/02/02 02:32 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  6. i didnt say that open was the best, i was told it was..
    what intel cpu would be best to get to try and break 3ghz without going mental on price?
    here is my current system config..

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    any upgrade info?

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  7. A 2.53 will hit 3Ghz on the IT7 with ease, with 160FSB you will need PC3500 to stay in spec on the ram if you plan on running he 3:4 option in BIOS (DDR400+). You would be pushing a 2.4B pretty hard but it is possible too. I ran my 2.4B at 3Ghz 24/7 but I have <A HREF="" target="_new">watercooling to the extreme.</A> My <A HREF="" target="_new">waterchiller</A> "seasoned" with a solid ice layer around my aluminum 10 gallon bucket in the center. Little giant 750GPH sub-pump in the bucket.

    Almost all the top overclockers use the IT7, no other board is even close unless it is a RDR machine on liquid nitrogen. I run at 3.4Ghz 24/7 spending countless hours on end playing games. I will not tolerate a unstable machine.

    I do not have condensation problems, living in the deserts has its advantages.

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  8. If you plan on using a vapochill or a promethia, well then IT7 is the only board to get.

    a 2.4B will run at 3Ghz + with ease.

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  9. what do you do about condensation?

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  10. at this point in time im really only looking at what hardware to get. im unsure as to what route to take, espiecally when it comes to the cooling side of things.
    i feel that water cooling is a possiblity but as for the promethia or vaporchill, i feel thats a little over the top, but you do get the cooling performance and hopefully with that, more overclock ablity.
    as for voltage mods for the motherboards for the cpus and for the graphics cards, are they really worth it?
    at the moment my current setup seems fine, to a point... i just hate having the graphics card being limited by the cpu.. it needs to go faster!!
    i was thinking of upgrading the ram on my current board, to the corsair pc3500.. i feel its a little extreme for my current platform, but i dont really care. im unsure as to what to go for, unless i have the money and just go out and buy what someone recommends, i dont think i will. i do hear great things about the it7 and the intel cpus, but im still thinking of amds latest, the xp2800. i know it wont be released yet and it needs the nforce 2 chipset, but would it overclock better with the vaporchill or the promethia on the amd platform.. would it keep up with or have a change of 'doing some damage' comparing it to an overclocked intel setup?
    my problem is, unless there is a fair bit of a increase in speed (for example, my amd setup with my 9700 pro is hitting nearly 14k, but i would be hoping for at least 19k possibly 20k.. as this is what i would say would be a good increase and worth the money upgrading for.)
    i dont like unstable machines either, this is why i have been tweaking and playing about with the settings in my kr7s motherboard so much i think i could do it with my eyes closed! as for the better memory, is it worth upgrading to for my current setup? as would that make any difference when it comes to performance? i have kingston memory, but its cas 2.5, but its running at cas 1 with the 1t command on as well, which i have no idea what it does, but it seems to be running faster!
    thanks for all the help..

    if all else fails... kick it and if it goes wrong, say it wasnt you...
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