Win7 gets sluggish at 2.5 Gigs of memory, Have 8 Gigs

I got this ZT Systems machine about 4 months ago been absolutely fantastic. The system has an ASUS M3A78-CM Motherboard with an AMD 945 processor 3.0 Gz, 8 Gigs of DDR2 memory and an NVidia 9800GT graphics card with Windows 7 Home. The system is great runs very fast, very stable. System has never given me any problems.
Until now, whenever the memory usage gets around 2.5 Gigs the system gets sluggish, a delay between opening a folder, clicking a link, or doing whatever. It just bogs down. The delay is more than annoying; it waits around 1 full second after the click to do the action, maybe longer. Windows see’s 8 Gigs of Ram. I can open Task Manager and shut down a few applications and it goes back to screaming fast. Runs great a 2.0 Gigs of Ram but when it gets to 2.5 Gigs of Memory utilization it slows down again just like a flipped a switch.
I don’t have any clue what would cause this issue.

Can you guys help?
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  1. Joey, can you shut down applications selectively and see which is slowing it down? I don't think it is the 2.5G threshold, but some specific application causing it.
  2. I generally shut down FireFox. Its memory usage can get up into the 800 meg range. I have shut down other programs as well. I will fool around with some different Apps.

    FireFox can be using 800 Megs or so and I shut it down in Task Manager and then restart it starts using 30 or 40 megs. Then it will slowly increase.

  3. what A/V are you using
  4. Security Essentials from Microsoft.

    It is only using less than 5 Megs.
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