Hello AMD Opteron

Hello AMD Opteron, i was wondering if you were coming here at Tomshardware Guide this month or next month for some testings. I am very anxious to see your soul and your fury.

THIS PROCESSOR IS GOING TO MUTILATE EVERYTHING! 6.4 Gigabytes of bandwidth!! I still in shock that the first 800 MHZ proto-type whaled upon the P4 in every benchmark. Can you imagine if they release it running at 1.5 or 2 GHZ!!?? INTEL, it is all over!

If you're an INTEL fan.. please dont reply to this because you will just be making a fool out of yourself;). All you AMD fans are welcome to start posting their thoughts. That is all:)
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  1. hey, calm down, it's too early to be excited about the opteron. In any way you won't buy one because it's server CPU, too expensive for the home user.

    And yes, the 800mhz Opteron indeed beated a 1.6ghz P4 but this P4 was based on the old and outdated Willamette core (256 L2 cache, 0.18 micron) which is no longer sold since a year or so...

    Get a live AMD fanboy!
  2. Sorry i meant Clawhammer
  3. I don't think the guys at Intel are going to lay back in their La-z-Boy recliners and let AMD take over. They've got a 6GHz Pentium4 lined up for 2004. I like to see AMD challenge Intel as it results in better products from the both of them. Could you imagine if VIA cpu's were the only competition for Intel. We'd probably be talking about a Pentium4 Williamette introduction for 2004.

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  4. LOL
    Run along little troll...

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  5. Guys don't reply to this troll, please!

    The worst of enemies shall be prone to later be the best of friends. -Eden
  6. eden, i just wanna post that you are ONE load your mom should have swallowed. You should get a life rather than calling people a "troll" who post on here. I wish i had your life of living on this forum and sitting around doing nothing other than becoming fat and obnoxious. I wouldnt reply to this mainly because it'll make you look like a F-IN retard.
  7. Do you have some current info? Clawhammer will not see light before mid-2003.

    I don't want to talk much to a fanboy like you. They will never understand anything because they don't want to understand.

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  8. Hmm.., we don't have a Intel_MeltDown here. If fact, we need an Intel_Meltdown to balance this forum. I think he has all qualities to be Intel_MeltDown. Do you agree?

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  9. Yes, except AMD_Melt isn't active and hasn't been for a while. With this troll, we'd be unbalancing everything.

    If he decides to stay and troll, we'll see if we will need to take some drastic measures, but for now, let him run along.

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  10. I for one hope the Hammer series do to the P4's what the Athlon's to the P3's and early P4's. I think of the battle as a long race with Intel better on the inside turns and taking the lead, while AMD does better on the straightaway's. The longer the battle for supremacy goes on between these two the better off we all are as consumers. I tip my hat to AMD for the long life of the socket A platform, but it's time to move on for them. Hopefully the next gen cores will be out soon.

    As much as I prefer AMD and like to see the underdog put up a good fight, to continue battle they need the new cores. The scaling of the P4's paired with the current RDRAM is just too much for the Athlon's. It can hold it's own quite well, but cannot outperform as it did in the past.

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  11. Dang Digaxor....I like AMD as much as the next guy, but do you really believe that "intel is done"? It is pretty much accepted that if intel really wanted to bury AMD they could have. All it would take is one quarter of cutting their profits (which they could definately handle), lower their prices, and AMD would be hurting in a bad way. Also I think that AMD has had a long, frustrating drought of underachieving processors. I think that intel has pretty much been holding out on their releases becuase they don't need to put anything faster out on the market. I was in the chip making buisness. A modern fab costs about 3 billion to build. The more old, oudated chips you can sell, the more return for your initial investment you can get. I won't guarantee this, but I would go out on a limb and say that as soon as AMD announces THE INTEL KILLER, as the fanboys like to name it, intel will lauch something just a little bit faster. They've got the money, which in the real world equals R&D. R&D capital, competition, and demand is what advances chip design. AMD played a trump with their socket A designs, lets see their hand before you say they have a royal flush.

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  12. Hey grub, what was your profession's name when you worked in the chip making business?
    And what education (college, university, institution) did you undergo through?

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  13. AMD said the Desktop Claw wont see the light of day till later in 2003

    they never said anything about there not being a workstation/low end server claw.

    on silicon strategies they eluded to the fact that opterons and claws will be launched at the same time q1 03.

    I believe there will be 2 claws... not just one.

    workstation claw - mp capable.. more cache
    desktop claw - mp disabled ... less cache
  14. No, the MP claw will not have more cache, simply that it can support MP operation. Sledge is still the prefered MP CPU however.

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  15. I worked in M-line at NEC electronics in Roseville,CA from 1998-2001. I was part of the team that supplied the tools (CVD, sputter, ion implant, photo resist, masking...ect)with their process gases and purge/ cleaning gases. We made mostly DRAM chips and K-line made mostly odds and ends for low quantity orders. From Roseville I serviced quite a few fabs on the west coast before they closed down. A fab in Rancho Bernardo, SSI Santa Cruz, LSI Logic in Gresham Oregon, and a smallish fab in Pocatello Idaho. I got out of our companies semiconductor branch when everything went downhill in 98-99. Now I'm in Buffalo New York in the R&D department. Nothing to do with electronics now. We're working on ceramic membrane fuel cells. My formal education is somewhat lackluster...I went into the Naval nuclear program at 18 and went through their school. I got my AS while I was in the service. When I got out I went to Seminary for a year and decided it wasn't for me. Now I'm at the University of Buffalo finishing my undergraduate degree. I applied for the chemical engineering program there. I need to get it because most of my peers at work are working on their PhD's. It makes me feel pretty dumb most days. Fortunately, I've got a good grasp on thermodynamics and fluid systems. They handle most of the chemistry and materials engineering. Hope that is what you were looking for.

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  16. claw hammer will have all the trouble of the world beating simple P4 northwood.

    Now what to do??
  17. Juin there is no other way to describe this but.........you suck.

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  18. I think the rant o matic "Second Hand Smoke -
    RE: Stop Smothering AMD - Part II" said it best:

    <font color=red> "Intel or AMD - who cares?! Nvidia or ATI - who cares?! Windows or Linux - who cares?! It's about the experience. The technology. It's the journey, not the destination. There is no end point. No perfect buy. No perfect company. No perfect chip. <b> Stop looking for your identity in a piece of hardware!" </b> </font color=red>

    <font color=blue> <i> There are two major products that came out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. </i> </font color=blue> --J.S. Anderson
  19. competition is good, there is no point in arguing which company is going to rule with whatever new technology is released. As long as there is competition then intel and amd will work hard and release better and faster processors. That is all that matters.

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  20. When I purchase a system I could care less if it's an AMD or an Intel system. I look at what I want the system to do and how much money I want to spend to achieve that goal. Sometimes I have to compromise performance for cost. That's life. As for all the new processors coming out: I compare AMD to ATI and Intel to Nvidia. Amd/Ati sometimes take the lead but Intel/Nvidia always come out on top!

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  21. I know I shouldn't be posting this, but if we simply ignore trolls like these and don't reply to them, they'll get the message that nobody wants to see what the have to see, and hopefully there will be less of them on these forums. BTW, I believe that Melty has smartened up a bit, or maybe it's just the fact that Intel has a nice lead, so Melty has nothing really to say. Oh well.

    Digaxor, the only person making a fool of himself is you. That's all I have to say to you.

    Ohh, and Eden, Juin is partly right you know. I'm willing to bet money that the first clawhammer to be released will have some trouble competing against a 3.2 P4.

    - - -
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  22. I repeat and quote JUIN, and please Dark, read clearly next time:
    claw hammer will have all the trouble of the world beating simple P4 northwood.

    No further comments.

    The worst of enemies shall be prone to later be the best of friends. -Eden
  23. BTW, if the Opteron/Athlon DT, or what ever, comes out in Q1. Which Pentium IV will he be facing?
    The 3.2Ghz or higher?


    ---if (a big IF) the opteron is al lot faster then the PIV 3.2, I'll bet that Intel will change it's roadmap. Trying to outperform AMD. (nearly every month a new CPU, like last year).
    ---if the Opteron has a little advantage over the PIV, then Intel will keep his roadmap. There 'll be a "healthy" race for the crown.
    ---if the Opteron is less performant than the PIV; AMD is in big sh"t.

    The best is if the Opteron has a little advantage over the PIV. Like that AMD doesn't loose his face and he has again the performance crown. For a while.
    Good for business, good for us.

    If I buy the boxed version of the "hammer", will I get a box of nails for free??
  24. You seem to think Intel and AMD are humans to refer to them in "he", lol.

    It will be facing the 3.2GHZ most likely, as the 3.06GHZ comes out in 11 days, and no others are expected this year.
    But it's about the fact some think that CH was delayed for H2 2003, and will STILL be released as if it had no new core optimizations! It seems to me some here think CH will come out with the current core, and perhaps even at 2GHZ as expected, with nothing new, which is why I am saying juin is an a-hole for saying that. NOT TO MENTION that he specified SIMPLE P4 NW, which means A version, no FSB increase. Talk about a zealot.

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  25. I believe with "simple" Juin didn't mean the A version of the NW but he just wanted to say that a "simple" 32-bit CPU may have no troubles beating an "advanced" 32/64-bit hybrid like the Hammer CPU. Juin surely was talking about the fastest P4 available when the clawhammer ships...

    I don't know about when the clawhammer now really ships but the sledgehammer is said to be available H2 2003 the earliest which basically means it must compete against the P4 3.6ghz which will be surely available at that time.

    It's going to be a tough time for the Hammer generation... probably...
  26. Wrong, Sledghammer is still slated for H1, since AMD is focusing on making Opteron Sledge their best bet for success. CH has been the lower priority at the moment, so they won't care for competition in the desktop market as much.
    I don't know about you but when specifying a core name as well as the x86 processor, I would not assume SIMPLE meant 32-bit, not when he specified Northwood which is not the processor for next year.

    And again I ask you all to keep in mind that by next year Claw WILL have some modifications, whether in speed or core, in order to at least have some decent performance. If they release the current 1.6GHZ that THG claims having, what exactly are they attempting, a suicidal processor?!

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  27. jup sorry Eden, I confused Claw with Sledge. Sledge indeed should be available in H1 2003 (although I wouldn't be surprised if it rather was Q2 2003. Claw is coming out later but either way I don't care because I won't buy one...

    I even don't really care what Juin meant with his "simple" statement but I just wanted you to stop making prejudices too fast about others, where you may have simply misunderstand the one you're trying to correct... And no, I wouldn't dare to call a 32-bit CPU a "simple" CPU compared to an "advanced" 64-bit CPU (since no one of us understands how a 32-bit CPU really works) but nevertheless that doesn't change the fact that a 64-bit CPU is more advanced/sophisticated than its 20-year-old counterpart in terms of architecture or design...
  28. Does anyone else here get annoyed at the lack of a general "post reply" button in these forums?

    My 2 cents:

    The first K8 off the block will be facing 0.13 512k 533FSB Northwood P4s (@3.06/3.20) & Xeons on the 32bit side and the 0.18 3mb McKinley Itanium 2s on the 64bit side. That's assuming they get it out the door Q1 or Q2 - by Q3 it'll be looking at 0.09 1mb 664FSB Precott P4s & Xeons (32bit) and a 0.13 6mb Madison Itanium (64bit). It'll have a good chance against the Northwood/McKinleys, but the Prescott/Madisons will be hard to beat. Prescotts will work up to 4Ghz+ which is basically a 33% speed increase over a current Northwood, not counting any benifit from a 1mb L2 and 664FSB. Madisons will run @ 1.6Ghz which means a 60% speed increase over the Itanium II benchmarks currently floating around right off the bat (I assume those were run on a 1Ghz 3mb machine which is the fastest McKinley), never mind the 6mb L3 and whatever other optimizations intel throws in.

    I get the feeling that the K8 may be "out" in Q1 or Q2 - like the 2400+ & 2600+ is "out" now. Esp if they have to give the first 10,000+ they make to Cray.

    The 3.06 is due Nov 14th along with the usual price cuts (more like price shifts) that accompany a faster core launch. Xeon prices are supposed to drop Nov 17th which makes me wonder if we'll see something new on the Xeon front (new stepping? 533FSB? 3.06?).

    BTW: It looks like the the Athlons won't do more then 2200mhz right now. <A HREF="http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_type/white_papers_and_tech_docs/25175.pdf" target="_new">The 2800+ (2250mhz) has been replaced with a 2700+ (2167mhz)</A> (document page #27, PDF page #39).

    - JW
  29. 2.7 bandwith vs 4.2 for intel.All game multimedia app will stay under intel control if can HT performe well it give the edge over CH.

    APPS rendering AMD.
    Game multimedia Intel.

    Now what to do??
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