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I have got a AMD Athlon XP 2000+ and would just like to know how hot can it go before the pc starts to crash. Currently when it gets hotter than 34 degrees Celcius it crashes. I live in South Africa and now in summer the temp. can get up to like 40 degrees Celcius and how the hell do u keep something cooler than the air temp?!?

I just got a new 5500 RPM fan on and i cant think of any way to get it cooler now...plz help
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  1. Sounds like you've got a bad thermal monitor. 34 won't crash a CPU (you were talking about CPU temp weren't you and not motherboard temp?)

    At any rate, the Athlon spec calls for 85 degrees Celsius case temp on the newer Athlon XP's, 90 degrees on yours I think. But this is actual CPU case temp... many thermal probes are located under the CPU socket, so they will be reading lower. The Athlon XP I believe now has an on-die thermal diode (like Intel has had for a long time) and that should be a bit more accurate.

    However, my experience with thermal monitors is they are fairly inaccurate... I pull a CPU along with it's heat sink and fan and put in in another motherboard and read temps 10 degrees different! My rigs start to crash about 55 degrees...

    But if you're crashing, your obviously too hot. What kind of heat sink and fan do you have? Are you using thermal paste on it. Also, do you have case fans to keep the inside of the case air cool? All these need to be in place to run an Athlon properly. If you want to know what some good fans look like, browse over to www.coolerguys.com and look over their offerings of Socket A coolers.

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  2. Not sure it did crash.Wonder if he might have just been alarmed by the temp,and was being cautious?

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  3. I donno... he indicated it crashes at 34 degrees I think...

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  4. 34 for an ambient room temp is Pretty extreme. Im not suprised the system is dying.
    At such temps i would want to make sure the case was WELL ventilated, not just for the cpu but also for the Graphics card and hard drives, along with a LARGE quality CPU cooler like a Swiftech MCX-462, Alpha PAL 8045, the Volcano 7+ or the SK-600/800.
    And thermal paste, not a thermal pad, would be a must.

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  5. Agree. My Celeron 700 system crashed often this summer when the room temperature reached 30C. What I did was opened up the case and had a room fan blow the open case directly. It worked, though a little noisy.

    BTW, I keep the case open since then, though I have gotten rid of the room fan a long time ago with room temperature barely over 20C. I believe no case fan is better than just openning the case.
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