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Hey Guys,
My friend wants me to build him a computer that will allow him to input both digital and analog video (and audio). It's really not my area of expertise so... Could you guys give me some advice on this? Try to keep the costs down, he's not a professional, he justs likes to play around. I've heard the All in Wonders aren't all they're cracked up to be.
So far I'm looking at:
P4 2.4G 533 (better than an AMD at video processing?)
ASUS P4B533E, Socket 478, DDR, AC97, USB 2, LAN, FireWire
512MB DDR RAM 333MHZ, PC2700
WD 80 GB IDE ATA100 7200 (8MB Cache)
GEFORCE4 4200 128MB w/ TV (he wants to use two monitors but is also looking for the stability and compatibility of Nvidia products)
Soundblaster Audigy
Then we'll pick up some time of Input/Output device from Pinnacle.


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  1. I don't care much for Creative products, have you considered the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz?

    Anyway, Hauppauge make some nice input cards, but I'm certain you can find some at a better price. Look for cards with HARDWARE MPGE2 encoding.

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  2. Try a 2.8GHz P4, and 1GB memory, and raid HD setup using 4 200GB WD hardrives.

    That should be good for now.
    New Edit:
    You need Horsepower. You need as much power as money can deliver. You need the best: <A HREF=";$sessionid$MD5MU5XDXUYYLAMTHLUSRUUBSM3OSKXO#Summary" target="_new">Sun Computer Workstation</A>

    Notice that it includes quality products like:
    $400.00 10X DVD-ROM Drive
    $125.00 3.5-inch 1.44-MB Floppy Drive
    $995.00 Fast Ethernet Adapter

    Your Configuration
    Quantity Description List Price Line Total Ships Within
    1 A29-PT2-9C-1GMAJN Sun Blade 2000 Workstation,2 1.05-GHz UltraSPARC III Cu Processors w/8-MB External Cache,Sun PGX64 Graphics w/13W3 Cable,1-GB Memory,1 73-GB 10000 RPM FC-AL Disk,10/100-Mbit Ethernet,IEEE 1394 & USB Ports, Solaris 8 & StarOffice 6.0 Pre-installed $19,995.00
    1 DESK-INSTALL DeskStart Installation Service for 1 Sun Workstation $400.00
    3 EA-000 Education Account Prepayment for Educational Services $3,000.00
    1 SOLZS-090C9AYM Solaris 9 System Administrator's Media Kit w/ Multilingual CD & DVD Media & English Installation Documentation, SPARC Platform Edition $95.00
    1 W9D-A29-1P Warranty Upgrade to 1 Year Platinum Support $1,812.00
    1 X1141A Sun Gigabit Ethernet PCI Adapter $2,095.00
    1 X2132A SunPCi IIpro CoProcessor Card with 128-MB SODIMM Memory $495.00
    1 X3256A Sun XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator $3,495.00
    1 X3538A UNIX Style Keyboard with USB Connector $45.00
    1 X471A DB13W3/F to 15HD/M Adapter Cable, 24-inch $45.00
    1 X6006A 1.44-MB Manual-Eject Floppy Drive $125.00
    1 X6168A 10X DVD-ROM Drive $400.00
    1 X6541A Dual-Channel Differential UltraSCSI PCI Host Adapter & 2 2M SCSI Cables $1,440.00
    1 X6742A 73-GB 10000 RPM FC-AL Disk Drive $4,100.00
    2 X7045A 512-MB (1 x 512 MB SODIMM) Memory Expansion $990.00
    1 X7052A 4-GB (4 x 1-GB DIMMS) Memory Expansion $9,000.00
    2 X7134A 24.1-Inch LCD Flat Panel Color Monitor $9,000.00
    Subtotal: $56,532.00

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  3. who told you the AIW's arent that great? They are AWESOME IMO. (at least for video in/video out/tv tuning stuff)

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  4. I'll check out Hauppauge's input cards and Turtle Beach's sound cards. Personnally I've never had any problems with the SB Live series but I have read many posts that seem to point out their defects.

    Casiowatch: I'm sure that setup would ROCK!!! but we're on a budget so I don't think we can afford that solution. I would like to convince Giles to put 2 WD 80 GB drives in a Raid configuration but I doubt that I'll succeed.

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  5. U want the best for video??

    Go for a DUAL Amd Athlon MP 2200+ setup......1GB Ram...and a WD 8MB RAID 80GB Drive array......

    Also the AIW 9700 Pro Video card..and try a Turtle Beach sound card....

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  6. For video editing you need a dedicated card that relies less on the CPU for encoding. The problem is that they are expensive $500-4500. Capturing isn't so much the issue a Dazzle setup will do the trick. A better software package(for end users) is Roxio's Videowave 5. It'll allow him to capture to a variety of formats. Also realize that if he's planning on capturing to media for TV playback his max resolution need not be very high. 720x480 is DVD resolution.

    As for the overall hardware. A boatload of RAM, 768 to 1.5GB, a lot of storage space, 4 80GB hard drives WD 8mb cache in a Raid 5, would give him around 170GB of space and throughput in the 75-90 a sec(about $300 for this controller card though) would be the best since reading and writing is almost continuous. CPU speed, anything in the 2Ghz+ range AMD or Intel (although the RDRAM 1066 will do you a few seconds better).

    Needless to say a good video system, plan on spending in the $1800+ and up range and you'll be very effecient. $2500 and up, and he'll be sitting pretty.

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