Dell XPS L702x PROBLEMS loads

hi all, i have a dell xps l702x and my problems are.

I have played battlefield 3 on high settings <pretty good actually > and my CPU and mother board showed temps up to 97 degrees.

I have an Intel Centrino Advanced N 6230 wifi card.
The problem whit this is although i have a full signal the internet easy really slow, even on my iPhone i can measure more mps then on this. I have even tried downloading same file from the internet whit 2 separate laptops this one was 60kb and other same wireless was around 600-700kbs.
And every time i return the laptop from sleep the WiFi is loosing connection and when i re connect it takes ages to connect.

Dont know why the clock always go mad and showing different time :D

The worst screen i have seen in my life

Gaming 1/10
Programming 2/10
Switched off 10/10 :D

Does anybody know how much is the touch screen replacement for these and if its 1080 ? hz?

Ps: tried reinstall drivers from dell and from intel as well, windows reinstall, all is same. for wifi i have tried every trick i could find as power options and stuff
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  1. more likely 100 and 250kb where i said 60kb
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