Looking for a Desktop replacement in a Laptop.

My current Desktop sits at 2.66 GHz Duo Core/GTX 460 SE. I want a mobile computer that can replace what I have now.

The last computer I bought was from CyberPower PC and I rather liked it. Going on 6 years with no major issues. Any word on their laptops? One I'm looking at that I built via their site is a i7-2670QM/GTX 560M/8 GB Ram at about $1300. Is there any other site that can beat that price and performance or match it with better hardware?
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  1. http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np8130-clevo-p151hm1-p-2973.html?wconfigure=yes

    Customise the SAGER NP8130 to a FHD screen and 2670QM and get the same thing for about $1000.


    Customise the MSI 1761 to a 2670QM and 8GB RAM with default GTX570m for less than $1300.


    Deafult CPU on SAGER NP8150 (slight drop of 2630QM instead of 2670QM), get 4x2GB instead of 2x4GB RAM to save $50 and upgrade to a 6990m for slightly over $1300.
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