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Hello Everyone, I discovered something about Windows 7. I originally put everything in Libraries Menu; My Documents. I have a huge Picture file, huge® Scrapbooking file, even huge® Art file and PSP tube file within My Documents. I thought this would be easier to quickly go after images if it were in one place, first toggle(My Documents). However, I notice that images open up differently in My Documents than it does in My Pictures. Example, In My Documents, when I call up a gif image, it goes to Internet Explorer from the Open Menu. However, I can't save it from IE(right-click, save picture as) and get an error 80073002. If I go over to My Pictures and open same gif from the Open Menu, right-click, save picture as, it will save for me. I just found this after playing around with both. Haven't investigated every choice on the menu in each of these.

Also, I notice that Windows 7 automatically puts images in both locations and says this at the top of the window. However, sometimes when I save a picture in My Documents, it does not show up in My Pictures, not living up to '2 Locations'. So not sure rhyme or reason of why it saves some to both but not all. As well, vice-versa, sometimes when I save a text document(notepad, sometimes Wordpad) (in My Pictures), associated with and group of pictures, it will not save in My Pictures. Hope you understand what I am saying.

Can someone explain more about these default folders with the Libraries. Is there a way not to have two locations that some things appear? Is there a way to re-path these default folders in Libraries so that they accept(and open to our choice) anything and everything we want to place in the folder(s) of our choice.

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  1. When you click on start/pictures, all folders that contain pictures will be displayed.
    For instance if you have pictures in your Documents folder it will display the contents of the Documents folder, pictures as well as other documents that it contains.
    If you watch carefully as you scroll down from your Pictures folder you will see the path, My Pictures (25) underneath is C:\Users\Your name, next Public Pictures (3) C:\Users\Public, the My Documents (55) underneath that C:\Users\Your name and so on.
    So the Documents are still in the Documents folder with any pictures they contain and the Pictures are in the Pictures folder.
    That is your Library that's showing all documents as well as pictures.
    Libraries don't care where the files are located, so if you have say a second partition or hard drive with a Pictures folder, you just add that folder to your library, the folder stays put but the files are available to you in the Pictures folder.
    Basicly it gathers files from anywhere on your computer however you want to organise it, just add a folder to it.
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