"Laptop Slows down, fan speeds up" issues

Hey first post! Just wanna say that i love this site and it has been my way out of PC hell for a long time. But now i got a problem i cant seem to find the answer to.

OK i have a 2 year old msi cx620 with win7 ultimate, and it ran perfectly up till a couple of months ago. Now i have a strange problem. Every time i run an application (photoshop, office, chief architect etc) the laptop has a habit of suddenly slowing down, after which i can hear the fan loudly speeding up, and after that (about 2 seconds in total) the laptop will continue working.
This is really annoying and its really weird coz the laptop doesnt technically freeze up, it kinda ... stops, takes a breath and continues. At first this happened ALL THE TIME with office so i thought it was the software. But now it happens with almost all applications (tho not with the games). Is this a fan issue? Coz i havent cleaned the inside of the laptop since i got it (2 years ago).
Any ideas?
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