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Keyboard types wrong characters

The right half of my laptop keyboard types numbers and characters instead of letters, but when I hold down the function key, it types correctly. How do I get it to stay correct permanantly?
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    This sounds like a case of numlock. check and see that it's off? because most laptops without a numpad, have numlock which turns some of the keys on the right to numbers.
  2. Hello KissanKissa;

    That almost sounds like some type of 'function lock' option.
    Have you checked your laptop users guide for Fn options?

    But the fact that it's only HALF the keyboard might be a symptom of a general keyboard failure. If that's the case - it's a probably going to take new keyboard to solve the problem.
  3. Abyssalx said:
    This sounds like a case of numlock. check and see that it's off?
    That could be the case.
    But usually a reboot would reset the numlock. So you'll want to check your BIOS settings where you have might have the Numlock option set ON by default.
  4. It is numlock. There is either a dedicated key, or you have to hit fn + something else (possibly screen lock or some f-key). I've seen this so many times. People don't realize there is numlocks on a laptop. If you look closely there should be smaller or lighter colored numbers on those keys. On my laptop the numbers are on the beveled edge.
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