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Hey all - my Granddad (yup) has his eye on laptop and he likes this one

he's only going to be using it for internet browsing (email, etrading, etc). I like all the specs except I'm unsure about the processor. Thoughts on whether this will work for him?
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  1. generally I'm inclined to say it will be ok for internet, but since it's at best buy, is there any chance you can go have a look at it? I think that would be the best option.

    it should be on a level of core 2 duo
  2. I just picked up an Acer Aspire notebook from target today for 197.99 and it had the C-50 @1.3ghz, and this little thing is very fast. It only has 2gb ram which i planned to upgrade to 4gb. with that laptop (E-300) it should be just as fast as this c-50 cpu if not faster since it has 4gb ram. if you plan on multitasking then it might slow u down a bit. while installing my antivirus and browsing the web, the cpu did peak up to 80% usage. its perfect for web browsing and netflix which is what i got mine for. c-50 i believe is just better at power saving while e-300 uses a bit more power.
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