:hello: , i keep having black screens all the time, could some one please help me with this? I have no idea how to read them.

There's two in the zip file, the latest one i had a blue screen saying something about new hardware and to get new drivers. I've installed so many differnet versions of drivers trying to get this laptop not to crash + BSOD!!
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  1. Both dump files are showing an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bugcheck, pointing to ntoskrnl.exe. Make sure the major drivers are completely up to date first (video, audio, all network devices, and chipset). If it's still bluescreening, move on to non essential components like custom mouse or keyboard drivers.
  2. Ok i will start doing that now, i'll get the most up to date drivers off the hardwares websites rather than my maufacters website. Thanks for the reply ;)

    Update: I'm trying to install but it keeps crashing, so i started in safe mode which is stable (the fan seems to kick in a lot more in safe mode?). But i can't connect to the internet (even with networking) or install updates. So i've changed the boot options so it starts in safe mode services and only ONE processor, is it the processor? it's a dual core 2.53

    Edit: Forget that, it lastest for 30mins then black screened. any ideas? What could it be?
  3. Have you recently added or removed an OS?
  4. Yeah i have, 3 days ago i installed windows 7 and i have just now. Had to do a reinstall because the contant crashes stop windows from booting, tried the window 7 disc to repair but it said windows was unrepairable :(.

    At the moment i have windows 7 installed and only important updates installed. Thats it. I'll see if it happens again, if not i'll install a antivirus, then slowly install drivers.

    Do all of you agree this?
  5. Crashed again, well restarted. I'm in safe mode, it's fine in here. One question, why would the fan run a lot more in safe mode than in normal mode? It seems to be running nearly all of the time.

    I've updated the bios to the latest and at some point have had all of the others installed. Also there is nothing in the bios menu to do with fans or power. The bios is very limited.
  6. Think i've fixed it now :). Windows was saying that the there was an error in another device, so i uninstalled that one, then it was unknown. I then installed tried to find the driver but couldn't, took me a while to figure out what it was. Compal embedded system control.

    Compal embedded system control was already installed in system devices, but for some reason it was either the wrong driver or windows made a mistake. Anyways installed smart battery which was ment to have the driver. It should be installed in C:\program data\... but in my case it didn't, these steps i found are for vista but i'm using windows 7. So it must install some where else. Found the driver on a forum and now it's working.

    This has stopped black screens happening randomly and freezes on start up :bounce: .
  7. Hello bowater,

    Sounds like hardware issues, you will need to physically take out the hardware(e.g. sound cards, tv tuner, etc.) just start system with only the bare motherboard, video, ram and hard drive.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers, but not beta drivers.

    Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assistance and support.

    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  8. Second windows7guy
  9. Your system specs pls including RAM vendor because ntoskrnl.exe crash is 80% memory related.
  10. Windows7guy and kikireeki, if you read all the posts you'll see this is fixed. Thanks anyway.

    Note: I also had zone alarm free installed, which sometimes caused windows 7 to freeze on startup, i don't know if this is because i'm using windows 7 or because it's 64 bit. I'm now using comodo firewall with no problems ;).
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