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Okay, so, I bought this laptop 6 days ago. So I download all my software, then made my factory recovery cd. But programs kept crashing, so I asked acer support what to they. They said to restore to factory default. I made an image to make sure that I have that if the factory default doesn't work.

I used acer erecovery. [at this point, I moved locations, and I left my recovery cds at my other house]. Because the discs weren't with me, I used the image to restore things so that I can make another set of factory cds. My external was plugged in because that's where my image was.

After recovering, I noticed that there was ~40 GB that was labelled recovery partition, and doesn't have a file system, and has 100% freespace. So I attempt to merge it with C drive, which doesn't work, so I do more Googling, finding that using diskpart.exe can remove it then make the unallocated space into another volume. But after, I still couldn't merge it into the c drive. I was hoping to reset into factory condition and start from there again, but it says that "harddrive configuration is not set to the factory default."

I restart to see if I can use alt + f10 to restore it, but then it goes to a screen where I select either "windows 7" or "windows 7: home edition". Selecting windows 7: home edition doesn't work because "windows failed to start". So now I have two OS's to deal with.

At this point, what do I do? One problem became many.

So to summarize:
- error: appcrash
- inability to restore to factory default
- two OS's where one doesn't work
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  1. you will have to make a full reformat c drive to erase the 2 windows program then install the image.most laptop are sell with a recovery partition on a drive
  2. If I fully reformat it, wouldn't warranty be voided?
  3. so look like you delete the recovery part on the drive go back where you bougt it and see if they could fix
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    Your warranty is only void if you open the notebook up. What software you choose to install is your business, not Acer's.

    Anyway, yes, you can reformat it with the true recovery and it should be back to normal. Windows sometimes isn't very happy with partition resizes.

    Else, you can always reinstall Windows with an OEM Windows disk, using the key on the bottom of your notebook to activate. That should allow you to configure the partitions however you choose. You will have to install all of the Acer software (if you want it) and your drivers manually, however.
  5. After trying it, I ended up returning it for a small restock fee and ended up buying another. Thanks =)
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