Need to find a New notebook

I was looking online a while ago and found the
I wanted it really bad. Got the money now I can't get it anymore as it's not available.
What's a suggestion as that systems replacement?

I need to keep price sub 1300$
at least a 1 year warranty
I intend to play World of Warcraft on it a few hours everyday, I don't any type of lag either

I know it's hard finding a good laptop/notebook for gaming that system above seemed perfect there's got to be something that can match it for performance and price.
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  1. Actually, if you want to spend that $1300...

    $1299 -

    And that's a full Core i7 with a Geforce GTX 555....lightyears beyond the toshiba.
  2. Are all of these laptops good in quality? won't overheat, decent looking visuals etc
  3. A speedy laptop won't help cure game lag if it's due to the internet connection or game server congestion.

    GeForce GT 525M is OK for WoW on medium graphics settings but would be considered a low end gaming graphics card for a laptop.
  4. With Black Friday / Cyber Monday just a few weeks away you want to be keeping your eye out for extra nice bargains.
    Basically, you want at least a fast dual core CPU, Core i5-2410M or better.
    And the best GPU/graphics card you can fit into your budget. Hopefully, GT 540M or better.
  5. gamerxavier said:
    Are all of these laptops good in quality? won't overheat, decent looking visuals etc

    The brands are all good - I don't know about the specific models. Most laptops won't overheat unless you do something odd to them (try and overclock, run them in a high dust env for a long time without clean, run them in 120 degree heat, etc).

    And they all have better video cards than the toshiba.
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