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quick setup question...

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November 9, 2002 2:33:47 PM

I was just asked for assistance with someone who is trying to get a system running and it won't post. The specs I have so far are....
P4 2.4b
2 128 rdram
2 256 rdram
2 hd
2 cd drive
ati 7500
asus mobo (the one with the 845E chipset)

Now he only has a 330watt PSU. I'm not really sure if this is enough for this sort of setup although the ati 7500 may use a lot less power than I think. He has tried plugging in other GPUs and reseating the chip and making sure the ram is snug. Any ideas???

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November 9, 2002 4:09:10 PM

rdram will not work with the 845e chipset u need the 850e
the 845e uses ddr
November 9, 2002 4:14:27 PM

i meant bad. problem solved. apparently this board only taks 4 sticks of the same size. i'm unfamiliar with intel stuff, is that common?

It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black.