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I went out and bought an AthlonXP 2000 with the MSI KT4 Ultra board. I got it all installed and all is working well except that upon boot up the post screen says Athlon XP 1250Mhz, and when I go into my system properties it also says "AMD AthlonXP 1.25Ghz" anyone know whats up? Is there anything I can do to correct this? Thanks.

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  1. Bios...Frequency/Voltage Control..CPU FSB 3-28 of the 133 fsb operation...

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  2. I had the exactly same problem my XP 1900+ and MSI KT2 Ulta(KT333 Chipset), the only difference is it was shown as 1200MHz. After setting to 133Mhz, it shows XP 1900+ correctly. Another annoyance is that every time when my system boot up, it stops at the point detecting the IDE devices. At first I suspect it was the problem of my HDD(WD 80G 7200RPM), but after checking the LED lights at the back of the system, it indicated it was initializing the FDC controller. As I don't have a FDD, I have already disabled Disk A and FDD controller, but I still get the delay. This even happens when a application need to detect HDD after I have already booted to DOS. But the booting of XP is quite fast(~20). So I suspect it is a BIOS problem.
  3. Ahhh. The oldest one in the book. Easily solvable by doing a little bit of <b>RTFM</b>

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  4. Try disabling the onboard Raid controller (if you have one and aren't using it) in the Bios.

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  5. My mobo doesn't have On Board RAID. I found the cause in the msicomputer support FAQ list: it was because my WD HDD was set to the master only mode by putting the jumper to MASTER position. According to the FAQ, there shouldn't any jumper when only one HDD is used.

    Thanks anyway for your suggestion.
  6. Could you post the link in case someone else is experiencing the same problem?

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