Computer "stutters" during some gameplay

ASUS A7N266-VM MB. AMD XP2000+ cpu. PNY GeForce4 TI4200 AGP card 64mb. Turtle Beach Sound card. DLILNK LAN card.
Internal LAN COMM PP video, and sound cards disabled in WIN98SE Device manager. 512mb memory (tests good).
3D2000 Video benchmark works great. One Benchmark says my memory and agp card is too fast for CPU so it is bottlenecking (XP2000+ ?).

Problem is, sometimes there is a glitch during gameplay. Usually during internet competition of Mechwarrior 4 games.

The system stutters or hesitates. I put in LAN card Sound Card and AGP card and fast processor and put devices on their own IRQs. All this to stop the stuttering. No luck.
Memory is 2100 DDR. All current stuff.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Since the 3d benchmarks runs smooth, but without sound, i suspect LAN problem or sound problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Pointers to websites or software to test/benchmark would be appreciated.

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  1. could it just be LAG have you checked your pingtimes when playing the game, i play counterstrike on a PIII 600 latop with only 4mb video RAm, and (if pings are ok) the game doesn't stutter at all but when you're playing games and ping is like 200ms you'd better have some skill caus you're fragged before you've even seen your opponent

    try another server, maybe your opponets all have better internet connections
  2. What kind of mouse are you using. Cordless optical mice tend to cause stuttering. This would explain why 3dmark runs fine.

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  3. mine doesn't i use a logitech cordless optical i uninstalled the drivers though and use whatever win Xp installed when i plug it in

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  4. I use to use a Logitech cordless optical mouse and I experienced stuttering in games (UT2003, Deus Ex....). To minimize it use a white piece of paper as a mousepad. I went back to a corded mouse and all is well.

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  5. lol so much for technology first comes the paper and the pen will follow

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  6. I would have to agree with wsc. Sounds like a lag issue since you are not having the problem when you are not online. Take care.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
  7. yeah, it definately sounds like a lag issue.

    i take it that the game never lags when you're playing it offline single player?

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