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Hi again

I want to buy a Tv series from an internet site and it only comes in Region 1 format, problem is that I have a Region 2 format dvd player, and I don't know if my computer bought in a region 2 country will be able to support it, so I can watch it.

I also wonder if there is any program that can skip that format or that it will allow me to watch it in my computer. I have also thought about this - as last option - to find a very cheap dvd region 1 player that I could find so that I could run those DVDs at my place. If anyone knows about it then make me know, thnks.

And if anyone knows what the difference in between the regions is, then I would be pleased to see it as an informative note to my post.

Well and to finish with, if anyone knows about another option I have not written here, then it is welcome here.
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  1. (never post here - NO ONE reads this section)
  2. You can buy a second DVD drive for your PC for $30 or whatever and then use that with PowerDVD or InterVideo to play the disks on the PC. The drive will be switched to Region 1.

    If you then use it with a Region 2 DVD it will switch to Region 2 again. You're only allowed 4 or 5 switches before it gets stuck. Be careful to use that drive only for Region 1 disks and the other drive only for Region 2.
  3. I use this software and it seems to do the job.

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