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I have an samsung rf-711 -s02, it was pretty cheap for what it was so i was already expecting problems.
The battery goes sometimes from a random percent to 8 percent. Also, the battery is fully charged pretty fast, about an hour and 40 minutes when i'm using it. I have no idea what the problem could be. I've already calibrated and it is still not solved.
Any help would be verly welcome.
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  1. That Samsung laptop is quite new. Is it still under warranty. I suggest you to contact Samsung and get the battery checked and replace.
  2. So you are sure that this is a hardware problem

  3. I'm not so sure. My wife's Samsung needed a new battery at thirteen months old but I assumed she'd ignored my advice and used the battery sometimes instead of leaving it on the mains electricity supply. Six months later that battery failed but on closer inspection, four little lights on the battery showed up in a spite of the system saying it had no charge. I charged the original on another Samsung and that shows five lights but still cannot power the laptop.

    You might care to try uninstalling the battery entries in Device Manager then while the system restarts, take the battery out, run the system on mains, leave it a while then put it back to see if that helped but it hasn't worked for me. I reckon there's a motherboard issue but Samsung won't admit to one.

  4. I never use samsung before but, it is commonly a laptop having a problems with their battery.......

    especially, when we use the battery when it is on electricity supply (as saga lout says)......

    my brother laptop(HP pavilion DV-2) battery is worse than your samsung battery.....he never take out the battery...he just use the battery along with the electricity supply.... the battery just last around 45 to 50 min...then the battery is empty.....I think you need to replace the battery...if you have the same habit.. :)
  5. But you can see the counting down, but with mine its possible that it says 70 remaining and 2 minutes later it says 8 remaining. And this is not the first problem i'm facing with this laptop.

  6. Stanny 102, does your battery have the button and five lights that shows its status? If it shows four or five lights, the problem is in the laptop.

  7. I do not see any button or lights.
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