Ideas on a Small, Powerful Laptop?

Hey, Christmas is coming up so I am trying to buy (replace) a laptop for my 6-year-old daughter. She had a Pink 10in Dell Mini but it was massacred by my other daughter. Yes, she is young, but she is very advanced and took great care of her last one. I have been scouring the Internet to find a laptop or Notebook to my specifications but have become overwhelmed, so any help would be appreciated. She is small so I would like to find the lightest (preferably under 4lbs) and thinnest computer possible with built in Camera and Wi-Fi. I am really trying to stray from Minis though, because I was hoping for a CD/DVD ROM so she could watch movies or something on the go. Pink or White would be awesome but I could always Skinit later. Oh, and a back-lit keyboard would be amazing. I don't know if you can manually add one to a computer so I assume it would have to be added during construction. I don’t care if it is used, refurbished, or what brand. I am trying to keep the price under $350. So basically, if anyone knows where I can find the most powerful, lightest, and thinnest Laptop, please help. Brands? Websites? Models? Anything would be a start. I fear I am going to go overboard, as I tend to do, and spend too much. Thank you so much!
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  1. Yeah, back lit keyboard will require more power to provide the LED, so if your mobo is not designed with a backlit keyboard in mind, I think it will be difficult to put one in there (require you to mod the laptop chassis and put wire to draw power from USB 5v).

    Well, since she is not going to start playing Crysis or Battlefield anytime soon: :lol: <IMO, too pink, slower processor.

    If you are going for a ultra portable laptop (12"-13"), not a netbook, it is going to cost considerably more. (much better spec and a bit over budget, and may be 14" is still too big?)
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