Need audio driver for Windows 7

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate and was not able to get the audio driver installed.
Compaq Presario 2135US laptop.
HP does not support the audio driver beyond Windows XP.
How or where do I get the proper driver?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello Parkerker;

    I'm guessing you've already run Windows 7 update?
    And that it didn't find a matching driver in the Win7 driver repository?

    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly
    A manual method for updating drivers where you force Win7 to look for drivers.

    If none of those options work you're next step is to ID the audio device. Device Manager should give you enough details to determine manufacturer and model number. With that you can check the manufacturer website to see if it has any drivers for that hardware.

    And finally, you might find references to other MFGRs using the same audio hardware that DID take the trouble to write Win7 device driver software for it's customers.
  2. Thanks for your reply WE2,

    Yes I ran the Windows 7 update, manually force Win7 to look for internet drivers.
    Device Manager does not identify the multimedia audio controller.

    I can go backwards, re-install WinXP and identify the audio controller and check the mfgr for that.

    I am hoping someone would know of a site for older drivers, site that does not ask for purchase to their membership before seeing if there is a driver.

    Appreciate any help.
    Really, I am just overwhelmed with other work to really dig into this problem. I have other computers to use.
    If I don't find a Win7 driver, I will have to stay with WinXP OS.
  3. I found the problem.
    I had set the option "never download updates" when I configured windows. This is what prevented windows to get online.
    I turned the setting to always download updates, windows went and searched online and found a driver, loaded it and it worked. It is the exact name "conexant audio controller" (i have the laptop turned off now so may have gotten the name wrong).
    Thanks everyone for your views.
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