HT P4 and the new cooler

Once again and excellent article on THG, and I read with great interest the cover of the new P4 processor. I see that Intel delivers this CPU with a new type of fan, and my question is how noisy will this fan be?
Does anyone know? I am going to build a new computer soon but I don’t want to have a noisy computer. So if anyone have heard this bundled CPU cooler or have a link to some review that mention this I would be very glad.

Also this article mention that it’s a new design so that the Voltage Regulator receive cooling to, does this mean producte like Swiftech MCX4000B will not be compatible?

Best regards, Tor
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  1. Interesting question... from the picture the fan doesn't look to be much different from the last Intel retail Heatsink. I also don't imagine that Intel would make it that much louder as the point to me seemed that a change to heatsink design rather than increasing airflow ??

    Just speculation


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