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Laptop comparison for gaming

Laptop A

Laptop B

I'm a complete idiot when it comes to hardware, is laptop A worth the extra 250$, as far as hardware goes? I know laptop B is supposed to be specifically a gaming laptop, is the same true of laptop A? Would it be able to handle newer games with little or no lag?
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  1. Laptop B the G73JH is the better choice for "gaming".

    Laptop A will give you weak gaming performance due to the weak GPU. But it has a better CPU than laptop B (which won't do much for gaming though...).

    I also have the G73JH - It's not too bad of a laptop. The cooling for it is kinda sucky though. But for what it is - I like it a lot.

    Any questions about the G73 and i'd be happy to tell you.
  2. Thanks for the reply, my biggest concern with the G73JH is that its refurbished and a 2 year warranty is 200$ (Laptop A is brand new and automatically comes with a 3 year warranty at no charge).
  3. Would the G73JH be able to handle sc2 and diablo 3 on high or ultra?
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    My G73 has trouble running SC2 on Ultra. I usually use medium/high details, but note I use 1920x1080P resolution whereas the one you listed has a 1600x900 resolution.

    In large SC2 games (8 players)- my computer does slow down a bit in heavy action - dipping below 30FPS.

    But also note that a lot of computer have trouble running SC2 on Ultra at 1080P unless you have a serious desktop/DTR.

    Diablo 3 - well thats a bit harder to say. I'm guessing it will be less taxing on yout CPU and GPU than SC2. So you should be able to get at least high detail in D3.
  5. Ok, and are there any cooling pads you would recommend? To be honest I've never owned a laptop that was worth more than 300$, I just use them mainly for school and internet browsing. I don't even know if cooling pads really work, but if overheating is an issue would they help to prevent that?
  6. I don't use a cooling pad so I can't reccomend one, but I hear they work very well (depending on which one). But I do have my laptop propped up about 6" above where it sits, as well as I have at least 6" of space around the back of the laptop for it to expel hot air better.

    What you could do though is - if you have a small fan - when gaming you could point it towards your laptop to keep it somewhat cool. Note the laptop I have - the G73 only seems to overheat during intense gaming.
  7. I think you'd be better off buying a cheap laptop to use as a laptop and building a separate gaming desktop. A $300 laptop and a $500 entry-level gaming desktop is going to get you a lot further in games than a $1000 "gaming" laptop. If you need portability, make a LAN gaming PC, since you won't be playing games anywhere you can't plug in anyway.
  8. cooling pads will shave off about 3-5 C on average. So if your system is running 75 you might see it go to 72 or 70, but if you're overheating to a point of 95 a cooling pad won't save you, it will only slow down the rise in temp.
  9. I have no interest in getting a desktop... I already have a desktop. I want something I can play during class, work, during my morning commute, when I go home for the holidays, etc.
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